CBD and Its Natural Connection to Our Cellular System

As adoption of cannabis compounds move into the mainstream healthcare narrative, scientists are studying the effects and outcome of its use. Maximizing the body’s ability to process cannabinoidiol (CBD) is increasingly the focus of medical research. Its efficacy is known among consumers, who laud CBD’s ability to ease pain, often without
the need for prescription medication.

One of the challenges of many standard CBD products, however, is low bioavailability. (Bioavailability is the extent to which a nutrient or medication is absorbed by the body.) Not all standard CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream, and that’s where nanoemulsions – or nano CBD — enter the picture. This innovative method, which is used by Integrated Healthcare Solutions in its products, involves breaking down CBD into nano particles to dramatically improve absorption into the bloodstream for more effective results.

To put this into perspective, a single nanometer is one-billionth of a meter. Compare that to a single sheet of paper, which is just 100,000 nanometers thick.

Why is this important? Standard CBD molecules are large and fat-soluble. For our cells, absorbing standard CBD molecules is like squeezing a size 12 foot into a small child’s Sketchers. Standard CBD measures about 2,000 nanometers. While that’s small, compare that to the size of an Urban Bio nano CBD particle, which is just 36 nanometers! The molecules are still natural but MUCH smaller. This process exponentially enhances CBD’s natural capabilities and is a natural next step in its optimization.

As a result of nano amplified technology, nano-sized particles can easily penetrate the lipid layer of the skin for faster, more effective results.

How does this molecular calculus aid consumers? It results in greater bioavailability, less product needed for results, and enables CBD to enter the bloodstream more efficiently. That can translate into a BIG relief for the user! Moreover, the end result is a non-pharmacological option that doesn’t involve office visits, prescriptions or co-pays.

Across multiple disciplines, nanotechnology is transforming healthcare to maximize nature’s healing elements. It achieves the objective of manipulating atoms, molecules, and supramolecular formations and reducing their scale to between 1 and 100 nanometers (nm) according to the National Nanotechnology Initiative.

Current examples of nanotechnology are now widespread, including nanomedicine, biomaterials, microscopic devices, robots, computer chips, and, yes, essential organic compounds like CBD. Without this seminal development, the robust power of CBD might have been lost.

The amalgam of disciplines that leverage nanoemulsions, cannabis compounds, and nanotechnology has inspired the scientific community. Researchers are crucial in the evolution of CBD’s capabilities. They’re investigating nano-emulsification as a novel method of tapping CBD’s power. The findings are promising – and revealing. A study of nanoemulsions and bioavailability was conducted by a team at Showa University in Tokyo and the Mahidol University in Bangkok. The results were published in the journal Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids and they indicate the benefits of nano CBD delivery .

The study described an experiment in which a nano-particle mixture called CBD NE was developed, consisting of CBD powder, water, and an oil mixture of vitamin E, ethanol, and a detergent used to stabilize emulsions. It was administered to rats and after 24 hours, blood samples revealed that CBD NE was stable.

Absorption was also faster – CBD NE reached blood concentration in just 2.5 hours, whereas it took eight hours for CBD oil. Researchers calculated that the bioavailability of standard CBD oil was only 73% while the bioavailability of CBD NE was an impressive 94%. That means more nano CBD enters the bloodstream, making it the obvious choice for IHS CBD products.

As science continues its discovery of cannabis compounds and their extraordinary potential, the public benefit will undoubtedly evolve. Minute in its essence, nano amplified CBD is, ironically, having a monumental impact on the future of well-being – and IHS is proud to deliver it.

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