The Benefits of Nano Amplified CBD

As adoption of cannabidiol (CBD) moves into the mainstream, scientists are studying its therapeutic effects using different delivery systems and novel technology.

One such example is nano technology, which is now widespread throughout a host of disciplines including medicine, biomaterials, microscopic devices, robots, computer chips and, yes, even CBD.  

Why a marriage between nano technology and CBD? The answer lies in the quest for greater bioavailability, the extent to which CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream. While conventional CBD has limited bioavailability, nano emulsions – the practice of fracturing CBD into nano particles – has been found to dramatically improve absorption characteristics for more effective results.

At Integrated Healthcare Solutions, nano-amplification technology is used to fracture CBD particles as small as 36 nanometers. The molecules are still natural but MUCH smaller. This process exponentially enhances CBD’s natural capabilities. As a result of nano-amplified technology, nano-sized particles can easily penetrate the lipid layer of the skin and/or bypass the digestive system for faster, more effective results.

As a result of nano amplified technology, nano-sized particles can easily penetrate the lipid layer of the skin for faster, more effective results.

In addition, because of nano CBD’s greater bioavailability, a lower dose may be administered while maximizing its therapeutic effect, supporting a “less is more” approach.

Recent research findings support the use of nano emulsification technology in fully unleashing CBD’s power. For example, one study on nano emulsions and bioavailability was conducted by a team at Showa University in Tokyo and the Mahidol University in Bangkok.

Published in the journal Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids, the study by Nakano et al. described an experiment in which a nano-particle mixture was administered in rats. Blood samples revealed that the maximum relief dose of nano CBD occurred in two hours whereas conventional CBD took eight hours.

 Researchers also calculated that the bioavailability of nano CBD was 65% higher when injected orally. This finding was statistically significant. The study authors noted that they expect bioavailability to be even higher in humans and plan for a future clinical study.

As scientists continue to uncover the extraordinary potential of CBD, the public benefit will undoubtedly evolve. IHS is proud to be part of that evolution with its proprietary line of nano-amplified CBD products available direct to consumers and through premier and specialty retailers as well as medical professionals.

Integrated Healthcare Solutions Inc. is a woman-owned enterprise and leverages the collective talents of more than 130 employees to help people stay active and live pain free. The company has a 30-year track record in healthcare through its affiliates, including medical devices by VQ OrthoCare, exercise and rehabilitation by VQ ActionCare and certified-organic nutrition by Pucker Urban Farms. Today, IHS boasts the power of its proprietary nano-amplified CBD as a path to maintaining wellness, supported by a rigid quality assurance program and an insistence on product purity. The company markets its growing portfolio of CBD products and services directly to consumers, through premier retail and wholesale channels, and through established medical professionals.

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