Health Starts from the Inside Out™

Integrated Healthcare Solutions, Inc. (IHS) has one simple mission: to help people stay active and live pain free.

As a leading innovator in the (cannabidiol) CBD marketplace, IHS leverages the collective talents of more than 130 employees including a highly experienced leadership team with more than 20 years of expertise in CBD.

The company has a 30-year track record in healthcare through its affiliates including medical devices by VQ OrthoCare, exercise and rehabilitation by VQ ActionCare and certified-organic nutrition by Pucker Urban Farms. Founded by Dorian Knape, IHS is the first woman-owned venture in this established network of companies with Dorian serving as CEO.

Today, IHS boasts the power of its proprietary nano amplified CBD as a path to alleviating and managing commonplace health challenges. Backed by extensive studies, nano CBD has been shown to result in higher absorption within the bloodstream for more effective results.

The company’s CBD is derived from hemp, which is sourced from a strategic and licensed farming partner based in Kentucky, where growing and harvesting standards are strictly enforced. And with its roots in the highly regulated medical industry, IHS has implemented a rigid quality assurance program, ensuring every particle of its CBD is ruthlessly tracked from the very first seed that’s planted through harvest, formulation, packaging and final delivery of product.

This “track and trace” process is also backed by third-party testing to give consumers and medical professionals added peace of mind that they are getting the purest CBD available. Just look for the convenient QR code on every label and its direct link to that product’s certificate of analysis (COA) performed by a third-party lab.

At IHS, purity is crucial. The company’s Urban Bio Nano Amplified CBD products are free of pesticides, heavy metals, microbes and other impurities. It all stems from the company’s proven track record of working in a highly regulated and scrutinized quality control space. In fact, Urban Bio Nano Amplified CBD products are created within a systematized process refined by 30 years of competency developing medical devices along with exercise, rehabilitation, nutrition and wellness products. Insistence on rigid quality oversight ensures products perform with integrity and reliability.

The company’s growing portfolio of Urban Bio Nano Amplified CBD products is available directly to consumers through premier retail and wholesale channels as well as through established medical professionals. In addition, IHS is a provider of nano amplified CBD to other established companies in a variety of industries including food and beverage and even equine medicine and veterinary hospitals.


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